OBSOLETE 600 Watt Inverter 12 Volt Part # 05060


OBSOLETE 600 Watt Inverter 12 Volt 05060

DISCONTINUED - PLEASE SEE ProMariner's Marine DC to AC Power Inverters Product Listing for updated models - CLICK HERE.

Convert 12 VDC Vehicle/Battery Power to 110VAC Household Power. Rich with features, TruePower offers Bat' Saver Mode operation on its 400 to 1,000 watt models so your engine crank battery will stay above 11.5V to start your boat or vehicle. Other high end features include dual LED bar graph displays and a remote port on all models between 600 and 1,000 Watts. Our 1,500 watt model includes a removable deluxe dual bar graph remote that can be surface or flush mounted.

  • Heavy Duty Marine Power Inverter
  • GFCI Safety Protected AC Outlets: Maximum ground safety and protection
  • 2 Mode Power-On with Battery Saver (Bat' Saver) Auto Mode: Automatically reserves battery power for engine start, 400-1000 Watt models
  • Soft Start and Noise Filtered Technology
  • Anti-Corrosion Protection: Conformal coating on all electronics
  • User-Friendly Operation: High visibility LED power bar graphs and status indicators, integrated port for remote control
  • Built-in Safety: GFCI, over voltage, thermal, reverse polarity, low battery and short circuit protection - constructed to UL458
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