On Board Solutions Takes Power Inverters to the Next Level with the New TruePower Plus Series

Posted on: 3/1/2018 6:00:00 PM

Auburn, New Hampshire:

TruePower Plus inverters have been taken to the next level using the latest in digitally controlled and software based power conversion technology. They provide the convenience of clean household power for electric grills, entertainment systems, refrigeration and more. TruePower Plus not only converts 12VDC to 110VAC household power but will seamlessly pass through AC shore power with its built in 30A transfer switch. "With greater demands being put on RV power systems, there was a definite need for an inverter with advanced technology." said Reese Bischoff, RV Sales Manager "The incredible response that we have received to the TruePower Plus inverters validates the amount of innovation that we put into the product."

TruePower Plus inverters include an intuitive dual color user interface consisting of an LCD display, AC Power output, and DC input power gauges. LED indicators display power input type, and service notifications. When the system is operating normally, the entire display screen illuminates blue and green. If there is a system error, the LCD display and gauges will turn red. In addition, the LCD display will provide a full text fault message versus confusing error codes. This innovative design takes the stress and mystery out of using an inverter for RVs. "We put a tremendous amount of research and development into the TruePower Plus design" said Bischoff. "Our top priority was to align the features with the way RVers use inverters."

Installation time is significantly reduced with innovative AC cable strain reliefs and easy access, color coded, AC terminal blocks. This eliminates punching holes and using conduit style strain reliefs and ring terminals for AC power connections.

The TruePower Plus inverters are designed with x2 surge capability for demanding loads, convenient GFCI protected outlets and a USB charging port. Shock resistant and internal conformal coated electronics ensure protection in harsh environments.

Notes for editors
On Board Solutions TruePower Plus inverters range in price from US $299.99 to US $589.99 and are available in both Modified Sine Wave (MS) 1200, 1500 and 2000 watts and Pure Sine Wave (PS) models in 1,000 and 2,000 watt models.

About On Board Solutions:
On Board Solutions, a division of ProMariner, was established to focus on the specific needs of the mobile, industrial, and commercial markets. All of our products are designed for demanding applications and built to withstand harsh environments. For over 40 years, we have been designing and innovating products that have revolutionized Power Conversion technology. With our continued focus on quality and product development, we will continue to set the standards for all of your power conversion needs. For more information visit ProMariner.com

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