ProMariner - performances de charge

Avec la plus large gamme de chargement des produits dans l’industrie, nous offrons rentable embarqué et de la performance des solutions pour tous les bateaux si son ouverture eau eau croisière, voile, sel sportive : pêche, navigation de plaisance ou basse et du doré jaune tournoi.

100% waterproof and shockproof
Industry recognized with the 2010 IBEX Innovation Award
TruePower offers Bat’ Saver Mode operation
Ideal for powering large loads
A breakthrough in battery to battery on-the-water charging technology
Corrosion control and FailSafe technology
Designed to provide your batteries with a precise Maintenance Mode, safe for long and short term battery storage
Digitally controlled alternator output distribution while protecting the health of engine start batteries
Gold-plated terminals and improved efficiency provide enhanced charging
Multimeters, cable extenders, plug holders, system testers and more
Waterproof and nitrogen filled marine binoculars
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