ProIsocharge 180A x 3x Output Pièce numéro 23125


ProIsocharge 180A x 3x Output 23125

ProIsoCharge delivers digitally controlled alternator output distribution while protecting the health of engine start batteries, isolating and charging up to 3 other independent battery banks off of a single alternator (model specific). For dual engine applications, ProIsoCharge offers an exclusive 2 alternator input model with up to 4 battery banks. Save space and time by eliminating traditional diode based isolators and ancillary voltage sensitive relays or solenoids, isolating and charging multiple battery banks simultaneously. Eliminate typical alternator voltage loss of up to .6 VDC that is commonly associated with traditional diode based isolators. Intelligent zero volt loss isolation insures fully charged batteries and faster charge times. Installed with the ProNauticP Series, a boat owner can enjoy the full benefit of shore power and on the water charging. Designed to provide more time on the water enjoying what you like most…boating.

  • ProMar Digital Performance Zero Volt Loss Isolation and Charging
  • Intelligent Isolation and Charging Software Control
  • Real Time LED Status Indicators
  • Ignition Controlled
  • Advance Regulator Ready
  • Easy Installation
  • Built-in Safety