Tournament Winning On-Board Marine Battery Charger

ProTournamentelite provides a competitive edge getting you on the water first with power to last. Using advanced thermal modeling, its tri-surface aluminum heat sink delivers true-rated constant current charging amperage for the fastest charge times.

ProTournamentelite boasts an industry first LED Charge Status AC Glow Plug*, that when connected to an extension cord outside of your boat, illuminates 3 individual colors for charging, conditioning or auto maintaining your fully charged batteries. High Power ProTournamentelite 360 and 500 models feature an industry leading selectable Turbo Charge Mode* with Forced Induction Power Flow Cooling* for time critical charging.

Full output 5-stage digital performance charging to charge, condition, auto maintain and storage recondition your batteries once a month, maximizing battery life and performance. 100% charging performance with AC voltage as low as 90 VAC. System Check OK and Check Battery indicators, Charge Mode LEDs and a dual mode battery status monitor displaying charge progress or on the water power remaining. User selectable charging profiles for Flooded, AGM and ProMariner approved LiFePO4** chemistries.

Designed to last in harsh environments and certified to UL Marine 1236 while meeting new energy efficient CEC and DOE requirements. Built-in safety features including dual inline waterproof fuses, reverse polarity, over-temperature, over-current, over-voltage and ignition protection.

* Patent pending
** See manual or for approved LiFePO4 batteries and warnings