On Board Solutions
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The True Power to Convert!

Our innovative products fuel the power conversion revolution! 

On Board Solutions, a division of ProMariner, was established to focus on the specific needs of the mobile, industrial, and commercial markets. All of our products are designed for demanding applications and built to withstand harsh environments. For over 40 years, we have been designing and innovating products that have revolutionized Power Conversion technology. With our continued focus on quality and product development, we will continue to set the standards for all of your power conversion needs.

On Board Solutions
Heavy Duty Marine, Mobile and Industrial Grade Inverters

TruePower Plus Inverters are available in both Modified Sine Wave (MS) and Pure Sine Wave (PS) models.

Designed to convert 12 VDC battery power to 115 VAC and will automatically pass through AC Inlet power when present. TruePower Plus is rich with features including; Innovative dual color digital LCD message center, dual color gauges for AC power output and battery DC input, USB power port, GFCI convenience outlets, DC cable covers, and separate on/off remote.

Built-in safety with overload, over temperature, short circuit and reverse polarity protection

Heavy Duty Power Inverters
Digital Mobile Charger DC to DC 4-Stage Charging

The best way to charge a battery is using a 4 step battery charging curve, which cannot be achieved from a standard alternator. A standard alternator cannot output a large enough charge to power an auxiliary battery bank.

The Digital Mobile Charge provides your extra battery system a charge that is approximately 5 times faster than could be achieved in using the vehicles alternator. This provides in-transit charging of extra battery banks and increases the life of the batteries by de-sulphating them.

Digital Mobile Charging provides the same utility as an advanced regulator, a zero loss battery isolator, and a 4 step battery charger!